Guide to working in backlighting 

A complete guide on how to shoot in backlight and get spectacular shots! (live action shots)   

  Do you want to learn how to turn your photos into works of art and fill them with a story?   

  To make your work lively and expressive.

 And to turn the most ordinary scene into something magical.

 That’s why it’s important to learn how to shoot in the backlight. 

Backlighting gives the photograph an unusual sense of the subject. It’s not the details of the clothes that become the focus of attention, but the shape of the objects.   

  What is the secret of backlighting? 

⁃ It creates additional volume in the frame
 ⁃ Makes the frame more expressive due to the light contrast
 ⁃ Illuminates the characters in the frame, creating a luminous halo, thereby separating them from the background.
 ⁃ Creates magic in the frame by illuminating grass, dust particles, leaves, water splashes or snowflakes. 

Most photographers at the beginning of their journey either avoid shooting in backlighting or make mistakes and the shots lose their magic and have the opposite effect.   

Позирование в семейной фотографии. Tatyana Nadezhdina Family photographer

  How to Create Magic? 

Pick up the Guide to working in one of the most beautiful techniques in photography!   

Позирование в семейной фотографии. Tatyana Nadezhdina Family photographer

 Here are the basic mistakes:

 ⁃ Dark and/or dirty faces

 ⁃ Non-contrast photos

 ⁃ Blurry photos because the lens cannot focus when the sun hits the lens.

  The Guide explains the nuances of this shooting technique, with examples of works and locations where it was shot.  

 With a step-by-step Guide, you’ll learn how to work with the most magical kind of light and increase the value of your creations. 

Now is the perfect time to experiment with backlighting!

 Learn, create your story and stand out!

  Guide cost -1190 RUB