Welcome to the world of the most important thing — the world of family photography!  

    I am a professional family photographer.

 What can be more important in life than our family, our nearest and dearest people… For every person, for every family, there are moments or periods that cannot be repeated, or maybe feelings that you want to shout about or, on the contrary, to cherish. The thrill of anticipation… The emotion of meeting your baby for the first time… The happy moments of childhood… The unique family story that we are writing together so that your children and grandchildren can admire it in the future… 

The families that come to me for a photo shoot may be different, each with its own view of life, the nature of relationships, but in all, without exception, there is love. It’s important to me to convey the warmth of relationships while reflecting the individuality of each family. I love emotion and always enjoy a photo shoot that is emotionally fulfilling.    

About me. Tatyana Nadezhdina Family photographer

  Harmony is very important to me. Everything we do must be in harmony with ourselves and with the world around us. Harmony in photography is what I strive for! It is important that my characters fit the location, that their clothes and image are in harmony with their surroundings, that they are comfortable before, during and after the shoot.

 It is important to me that you share with me the vision of family photography. Minimalism, style, harmony — these are the three pillars that reflect my author’s vision, this is what I am chosen for.   

  In the portfolio there are examples of my work, and if you look at them, you can understand what you will get as a result of our meeting. If you like my work, welcome to the world of the most important — to the world of family photography!

 I work in Moscow and the Moscow region, Yaroslavl, it is possible to go abroad.   

  See you there! Children’s and family photographer Tatyana Nadezhdina.